Hello, My Name is Novelist

Tomorrow begins the grand experiment. One month. One novel. I’m tired of all the anticipation. I’m ready to sit down and make it happen.

I’ve started a blog to chronicle my month-long novel and word count, which will go by the working title of my novel, Downtown Dandelions (Patent pending, patent pending, patent pending!). I expect my blog entries here to dwindle in the next 30 days, though if you don’t detect such a drop, you better head over to that blog and make sure I’m keeping up with the word count.

Earlier I had the idea of making myself a T-shirt that announced to the world my 30-day accomplishment, assuming I make it. So far I’m liking the “Hello, My Name is Novelist” idea. Though I’d be happy to hear your suggestions.

My movtivation is in full effect. The blog is set up. The caffeine is ready. Last night I e-mailed 77 people, encouraging them to mock me if I fail. The sun and the stars are even aligning to help me. With Daylight Savings Time ending (that’s how it works, right?) it’s getting light out earlier, and I actually couldn’t sleep past 6:30 this morning. I think that will only help me get up each day and tackle those 1,667 words (of course the hours of daylight will only shrink as the month goes on). I even wrote about my commitment in my church’s youth group newsletter, somehow covering the topic in my “When I Was Your Age…” column.

There’s nothing left but the writing. Let’s get it on.

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  1. Good luck, Kevin! I hope you have fun and that you don’t burn yourself out. Other than that, I look forward to lighting a bonfire under your ass if you start to slack! ;-)


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