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U2 iPodThe already popular iPod took an enormous leap forward today with the official announcement of a U2-themed iPod and a new color screen photo iPod with a 60 GB capacity. While the cool factor has been advanced incredibly, the new products don’t do a whole lot to advance the usefulness of the already useful iPod. A color screen is cool and photos in my pocket are fun, but unless you’re a real photograph buff there’s no need to carry your photo albums everywhere you go. It’s not like you can browse photos while you drive or while jogging down the block.

But nevertheless, cool new features. The black and red U2 iPod is the first time the traditional iPod has been seen in anything but white. It also comes with a $50 gift certificate to buy “The Complete U2,” which sounds like the band’s complete catalog. Not a bad bit of marketing for Apple or U2, who release their newest album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb in less than a month. (thanks to Nick for the heads-up)

In other U2 news, you can watch a video of U2’s legendary Live Aid performance of “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” all a part of the release of the Live Aid DVD.

3 thoughts on “iPod Envy”

  1. U2 should release a companion book entitled “How to dismantle an atomic bomb in less than a month.” It could have illustrations and everything.

    Oh, does this count as a freudian slip “jogging down the blog” for “jogging down the block?”

  2. When was the performance where Bono reportedly lept into the audience and embraced a girl? I could’ve sworn that was the 1985 Live Aid performance, but apparently not.

  3. Jeremy, you are correct sir. Blog changed to block.

    And Josh, Bono leaps into the crowd during “Bad” at Live Aid. Same show, different song.

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