I Should Become a Real Techie

Sigh. Those short reviews so break the mold with the giant Amazon link on the side. I really need to do something about that.

What I really want is a flexible system of reviewing that allows me to post long rants (like so) or quick one-off’s (like so). I really like how Jason Kottke handles his movie reviews. There’s room to go in-depth, but he also has a handy-dandy color-coded ranting system. It’s totally arbitrary, but it helps you see where movies stack up. But I think he also used quite a few Movable Type plug-ins to get that to work. I’m not that much of a hacking genius. I also like having the images and links to Amazon (thus the enormous boxes that break things on shorter reviews — using the Amazon code means Amazon feeds it and I don’t have to save and upload all those stupid images).

Sheesh, all this to be some kind of web empire guy. Or more or less have a running archive of all the movies/books/music I’ve enjoyed (or cared about enough to say something about).

Maybe one of these days I’ll become a real techie so I can make my web site do exactly what I want it to do.

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