Did you know there’s an election today?

Yep. Today there’s a primary election in Minnesota. The only reason I know is because a flyer asking me to vote showed up in the mail yesterday, and as I ran past my polling place this morning I saw the flyers.

Visit the Secretary of State’s web site to find your polling place and what candidates are on the ballot in your area.

But apparently one of the races in my district is a non-event, and the other is only for Republicans. And I had to do a lot of searching to figure out that much.

To top it all off, only one of the candidates on the ballot today has a web site, and that candidate is running unopposed in the primary. I’ve gone off on this before, but c’mon people! Is it that hard for the news paper to cover local politics? Is it that hard for a candidate to put up a decent web site? $200 would make a decent web site and answer voters last-minute, I’m off the polls questions. How is that an expense you can afford to skip?

Arg. And they wonder why we don’t vote.

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