What Two Weeks of Blogging Can Do

One Washington DC insider with a total lack of morals. One blog. How long until she’s fired, looking at a reputation as the next Monica Lewinsky, posing for Playboy and signing a book deal?

Two weeks.

Wow. I’m not even sure what to say about this story. I thought about posting it on the Monkey Outta Nowhere main blog, but I wasn’t so confident in how a slutty blogger story would help the company. Probably a wise decision. (But nothing’s too slutty for this blog! Especially after Olympic butts.)

So yeah: Jessica Cutler. You can read her resurrected blog, the overly-long Washington Post article and the chat with the writer of the Post article. (links via bloggedy blog)

One thought on “What Two Weeks of Blogging Can Do”

  1. The Washingtonienne: Blog Slut Turned Book Slut

    Last year we heard about the prostitute/blogger who lasted two weeks before her sexcapades in Washington D.C. were outed. Now Jessica Cutler’s book is out, The Washingtonienne, which we’re supposed to believe is a fictional novel. She insists the…

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