New Duds

You may notice a new look around the blog. I’m trying something a bit different, hopefully making things fit in a bit more with my main blog.

You’ll also notice that those lovely snapshot images at the top are changing now. My long-term vision has finally been realized, thanks to the techno wiz that is Josh Lewis!. Hopefully I can add some more of those images as the days go on. If you like the images you can either keep hitting reload to see more, or just go look at the fancy new art page.

As a minor consequence to all my fiddling, all my pages are now php files instead of html. To most of you that means nothing, but basically you might experience some funkiness when I link to past entries in this blog. I’ve fixed all the entries in 2004, but stuff farther back isn’t fixed. You should still get to the file, but it won’t have all the new glory of those little black and white snapshots loading at random. And I’ll eventually delete those old html files.

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