Misplaced Music

Misplaced Music - An Internet Radio Station featuring Local Twin Cities Music.A new local music co-op is starting in the Twin Cities, Misplaced Music. They have their own Internet radio station playing local music 24-7. It’s all over the place stylistically, but most everything I’ve heard is quality. They happily invite local musicans to submit music for the radio and consider joining the co-op.

Misplaced Music is planning a fundraiser concert Saturday, June 19 at the Uptown Bar, featuring music from Romantica, Coach Said Not To, and others.

One thought on “Misplaced Music”

  1. Where’d that local music go?

    Where else? The internet ;-) Misplaced Music The internet and indie music go together like peanut butter and jelly. Mmmm. Nick thanks the monkeys for the linkage….

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