President of Beers

Miller for President of BeersIf you’ve had the TV on lately you’ve probably noticed the tongue-in-cheek commercials from Miller challenging Budweiser’s “King of Beers” claim as undemocratic and announcing their run for president of beers. Only in commercials. The Miller ads featured debates between a Miller spokesperson and a Clydesdale to pseudo-comic effect.

But now Budweiser is coming back strong, challenging Miller’s presidential run by pointing out that their South African ownership makes them ineligible to run for president (U.S. presidents must be natural-born U.S. citizens). Budweiser fought back with commercials featuring the famous talking lizards and a donkey that originally appeared during the 2004 Super Bowl.

Both companies are now duking it out in court as well as in commercials. According to the beer blog, there have been allegations that Budweiser distributors put stickers on Miller Lite products calling it the “Queen of Carbs” and “Owned by South African Breweries.”

While this hardly relates to Monkey Outta Nowhere, it is fun to ponder the potential gains or losses for such an advertising stunt. Rarely will companies so blatantly and aggressively target one another. While it’s possible customers will appreciate the humorous commercials that for once don’t feature bouncing cleavage, the childish bickering could just as easily turn consumers off. All this for beer.

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