Long Lost Family Ties

Oddly enough I’ve had comments posted in the past two days from family members I haven’t talked to in at least ten years. In one case it’ll be ten years this summer, in the other case I don’t know how long it’s been. I was probably a baby when I saw them last.

But I mention this more for practical purposes. I tried e-mailing them both after they posted comments, and both e-mails bounced back. The first appears to be a typical bounce back, the second seems to have thought I was spam.

So commenting family members, I’m trying to e-mail you but it’s not working. It’s not a snub! Honest!

3 thoughts on “Long Lost Family Ties”

  1. Kevin try ki6ds@dphs.dpol.net and ki6ds@dospalos.org One of them should work. Uncle Doug, and the last time I saw you was when you came to visit us. You were in junior high and wanted to go to S.F. to visit a yo-yo store. Robbie went with your family for a day in S.F. Uncle Doug

  2. Hey kevin,
    my dad told me you were trying to email me. i have two email addresses…
    Peeanutzz@aol.com and Peeanutzz@sbcglobal.net
    they both should be working…
    wow has it been ten years?
    Well i am married 9 years in July and have two beautiful children. a boy 7 named Tyler and a 2 and a half old girl named Kayla. My husband works for the Merced County Sheriffs Department as a Sheriff and a Cornor.. Yes he sees dead people. ha I am currently going to school to be a Court Reporter to make the big bucks. I dont know about where you are but here they make good money. As for Robbie. She is teaching high school like dad except she teaches Government.. she is married i think 4 years now and she has a little boy named Douglas Emmerson Wallace. He is one. I know its sad he is named after my dad… just jokin… wierd but its her kid…. glad to see you are married. I check in on your website every now and then. i was just thrown back when you said the Hendricks name was stuffy. I guess I never noticed… cause here in California, Hendricks is not a stuffy name…….correct me if i am wrong, or at least tell me what you meant by that. I hear that your mom and dad are back in Kansas. I havent been back there in probably at least 15 years. sad huh… i talk to aunt trish every now and then. She is still in arizona. Curt and Jon are there too and Greg is in Los Angles. i have been down there a couple of times during thanksgiving but havent had time too.
    well i need to study for a Anatomy test tomarrow. Wish your family well.

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