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Lately I’ve been thinking about specialized blogs and what an incredible resource they can be. By “specialized blog” I mean one centered on a specific, niche topic. This is more of a freestlye blog, while my Quotables, Linkteria, and ReViews blogs are all specialized blogs. They don’t get into any of the personal rants — instead they stay incredibly focused on one specific topic.

Those kind of blogs are an incredibly reliable source of interesting information on the particular topic they cover. I know I can count on to give up-to-date commentary and news on the world of hockey. I know the Command Post can give me up to the minute updates on the war in Iraq. While it’s not a blog, I turn to @U2 for updates on the band before I turn to their official site. I can turn to Reality Blogs for the latest commentary and reactions on the world of reality TV.

I’ve been thinking about these types of blogs because I’d like to find a few, and I’d even like to write some. The other day I was thinking it’d be great to find a Detroit Red Wings blog. I never have the time to keep up with the Wings, but it’d be great to get the latest details from a dedicated Wings fan.

I’d also really love a localized blog, one that focused on a specific location, like St. Paul. This is the kind of blog I’d like to write, though I haven’t come across very many good examples. I imagine such a blog would need to focus in on a specific community, like Frogtown or the Midway, though I imagine it could talk about the wider city. It might even be cool to have an even more narrow focus, like the history of the Midway. I don’t know why, but location resonates very strongly with me. I want to know about the area I live — the people who live here, the stuff that goes on here, the history of the place. Place is very powerful. While such a blog would probably only be interesting to the people with connections to this place, I think it’d be fun to write.

So the short end of this rambling is I’m thinking about starting a blog about St. Paul. I don’t know if any exist, or even if any “local blogs” exist for any location (does anyone know of any? I’d love to look at some as examples). I don’t even know if I’d stick with the idea. It might just be another random idea from a semi-employed guy who just needs more work to keep these ideas at bay.

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  1. Sounds like a good idea. Get a good domain, like or something, start your blog for your area, then keep it open for others to join you and blog about their part of St. Paul.

    Or better yet, make it twin cities wide…

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