Big Idea, Big Crash

Big IdeaIn case you never heard, everyone’s favorite computer-animated produce company filed bankruptcy last year. Big Idea, creators of VeggieTales, filed bankruptcy after trying to grow too quickly, not meeting projections, and losing a major lawsuit. Classic Media bought Big Idea in December and is trying to turn the company around by focusing on their success with half-hour video releases. A Snoodle’s Tale, a tongue-in-cheek Dr. Seuss adaption about self-worth releases tomorrow. (see “Putting Big Idea Back Together” for more)

But while the Veggies will keep on telling their tales, the company has gone through a radical change. Founder Phil Vischer talks about coming to terms with the crumbling dream in the Christianity Today article, “Running Out of Miracles” (coincidentally written by Bob Smietana, who I met at EPA a couple weeks back). Vischer has learned some insiteful (and painful) lessons about dreams.

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