Hang up the Skates

Well, on the plus side I can watch Sara Groves perform at the EPA Convention on Wednesday night without worrying about missing game 7 of the Red Wings/Calgary series. The Wings just lost in overtime. Season over. Jordon Cooper’s probably happy.

It would have been nice to see the Wings come back, at least to face a game 7, after losing captain Steve Yzerman in game 5. If missed the game, Yzerman took a puck to the face. It wasn’t pretty. There wasn’t any blood, but his reaction was more than enough. When the puck hit him he launched his stick and gloves and dropped to the ice with his hands on his face. He immediately popped back up and tried to make it to the bench, then fell again and started kicking violently. Thinking of the scene again makes me shudder.

Yzerman suffered broken bones in his face and a scratched cornea. The good news is that he didn’t lose an eye and he’ll recover completely. The bad news is his hockey career is up in the air. The guy does turn 39 this week and has been playing hockey for 20 years. But he’s also the heart and soul of the Detroit Red Wings. It’s hard to imagine hockey in Hockeytown without him.

Here’s to another year of playoff hockey.

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