Red Wings vs. E.R.

Right now the Red Wings are playing the Calgary Flames in game 4 of their second round series. The game’s on cable, but unlike past playoff seasons I don’t have to rush out to a sports bar to catch the game. I have cable.

So why am I not watching the game? E.R.

My wife is taping E.R. so she can watch it later, forcing me to miss the first period. I’ve already missed an early Detroit goal and a commanding 9-2 shots on goal lead by Detroit, and the period’s only half over. I’ll be able to catch the second and third periods so it’s not that bad, though it’ll make for a late night. Isn’t this what Tivo was created for? Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Red Wings vs. E.R.”

  1. Dude, all you need is a $2 cable splitter. Record a show on the VCR and watch another on the TV… although TIVO is nice, you’ll still need the splitter to watch a different show than you are recording ;-)

  2. Yay!! Flames! Today we won again.:)

    – Some random person that was looking for Calgary wedding officiants and found this site.

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