I can’t get no motivation

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This is a crazy week. I have to finish editing a book by Friday (well, technically Saturday, but I’m calling it Friday), I have to prepare a blog seminar by next Wednesday, Friday is our youth group’s missions dinner — which involves a lot of prep and a lot of stress, and Sunday through Wednesday is the EPA convention, which is a major networking opportunity for my new business, so I’ve been scrambling to get business cards printed, polish up my web site, and other business-y things. I’m also supposed to have an issue of my youth group’s newsletter ready to go to press next Friday.

And what do I do today? I stay in bed until 8:35, and now it’s 9:06, I’m still in my pajamas writing a blog. And I desperately need a shower, so it’ll be at least 9:30 before I start work. Have I mentioned I’ve been having problems getting up in the morning? I thought stress would be a motivator, but apparently not.

Yesterday I worked some long hours, punctuated by a few breaks (including Freeks & Geeks, a new Mario Cart “Baby Park” time trial record in the 1:15 range, watching the Red Wings lose, and the picture above). I do like my stay-at-home job and this whole new business thing, I just need to work on the motivation. Maybe it’s just the motivation to get out of bed. Nothing happens if I stay in bed like missing the bus or being yelled at, so I lie there. Part of me feels like I need more sleep now, but I think I’m just not forcing myself to get up even when I’m tired. It used to be that I just shook that morning tiredness off because I had to. Now I don’t have to, so I give in.

I think I’m also at a point where I need to blog. That’s why I’m still typing. I have thoughts swirling around my head, and if I don’t get them out they’ll distract me all day.

It’s 9:55. I’m finished blogging. No more distractions? Please.

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  1. It’s odd that you mention yelling, because I run a yelling service via phone. You can pay me $5 per month, and I’ll call you any time during that month up to once per day at any time of day and yell at you for a couple minutes. Whatever you want me to say is fine, just let me know if you’re interested.

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