On a Jet Plane

I’m off to L.A. in a few hours. It’s kind of strange to go on a business trip again. I like it. I’m taking part in some brainstorming meetings to launch a new business. I’ll also be hanging out with a friend I haven’t seen since 1999. I’ll also be hanging out with my cousin, who I’ve only seen twice in my life (that I remember). When I called him earlier this week to let him know I was coming my wife heard his reaction from upstairs. Should be fun.

Business trips have an odd effect on me. I tend to kick my work into high gear, I become increasingly anal about making lists, and I try to tick every to do item off I can. In the end I usually end up cutting the list short, but I also keep thinking of things I should finish. Right now I’m frantically typing one last blog entry before I go, I just wrote a review and added some monkey news. I’m also thinking I should call my parents, grab something to eat, and maybe play some Mario Cart. My ride comes in 45 minutes.

I also bring way too much to do with me. I have three books in my bag (admittedly one is short and I’m one-third through another, but still) and notes of things to think about for my business. From takeoff to landing I’ll be gone for 48 hours.

I also go on a spending spree. Monday night we grabbed take out and rented School of Rock. Last night we grabbed fast food and went to Coldstone.

I also think of lots of things that would be fun to do, like a web site compiling the best Coldstone mix-in combinations (last night I had vanilla ice cream with Twix, brownies, and chocolate syrup). How dumb is that? Yet the idea bounces around in my head anyway.

I also keep thinking about an iPod. Right now it’s a business expense I can almost justify (an overpriced voice recorder for interviews). Even though I’d rather read a book at the airport, the idea of strolling around with an iPod in my pocket and my Best U2 Ever list playing makes me smile. Or maybe that’s just my rock star haircut taking over.

Anyway, business trips do weird things to me. I haven’t even talked about missing my wife, sleeping in a strange bed (or couch, as the case will be), or missing The Apprentice. Maybe I’m just weird in general. My dreams of late have been especially odd (I had another odd one last night, though the memories are too varied and incoherent).

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  1. Have fun in L.A., dude. I hope your brains get thoroughly stormed. I look forward to hearing more about this “new business” that may be emerging. And, yes, let’s see the rock star haircut already!!!

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