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  1. Those are totally amazing. Such interesting photos. It’s truly a tragedy what happened to them. I’m glad our nuclear program isn’t run like that, and I’m glad our reactors are built a different way or we could possibly repeat that.

  2. Fascinating pictures. One of my friends from UMASS was serving in the Soviet army when Chernobyl exploded. He and his army buddies were required to fly the helicopter missions that dropped concrete and whatever on the reactor to cover it up. The army never told them the danger they were, not that it would have mattered a whole lot, my friend said he volunteered for extra missions. After 3-4 weeks of flying missions, they were sent on a forced “vacation” for six months and to recover from the radiation. My friend’s hair is prematurely gray but other than that he has no obvious side effects which is more than most can say.

    And, at least as the history channel tells it, Three Mile Island outside of Harrisburg, PA could have exploded but the experts were able to fix it in time. Who knows one mistake and the worlds largest nuclear disaster is in the US instead.

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