It’s Been a Bad Day

Yesterday was not a good day. Abby stayed home sick. I had a lot of work to do. I basically had one day to write my business plan (so I procrastinated a little), which had to be ready to present today. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m not trying to convince bankers. I also had church last night, which meant a good chunk of the evening was gone.

It meant for a busy day, but not too bad. Then I had lunch.

A month or so back I went on a banana eating kick. I had one every day with breakfast and it felt good to actually be getting a one-fifth of my daily allotment of fruit. I’m not exactly a healthy eater. Then one day as I finished my banana I felt intensely sick. A stomach ache and cramps set in for the next 45 minutes. It was a good hour or two before I was back to normal. By that afternoon I felt fine. Rather freakish.

The next day the same thing happened. I decided to cut back on bananas, as in not eat them, and I haven’t had a problem.

Of course Abby’s made a few loaves of banana bread in the past month, and I’ve devoured them with no problem. So it’s not a total banana thing. Or maybe cooking bananas changes things.

At any rate, yesterday for lunch I went to Jamba Juice, the default sick-person food in our house. I always go for a Strawberries Wild, which is basically a strawberry and banana smoothie. After finishing three-quarters of smoothie the intense stomach ache and cramps hit me. Suddenly our house became a double-sickie home. Speak didn’t know who to lick more.

The pain subsided after an hour to the point where I could work, but I didn’t feel great. The cramps came back later in the afternoon, though it was shorter and less intense. By supper time I felt fine again, though that night I couldn’t sleep on my stomach. Not exactly a conducive afternoon for writing a business plan. Thankfully enough came together that I could squeak by, though I’ll have plenty of revisions.

So I guess that means bananas are out. They’re the only commonality that’s made me sick like this, though I can’t imagine why. Nothing else has ever had this kind of reaction for me. Is it possible to overdoes on bananas? And if it is, that’s just not fair. I try to be healthy and I get hit with a double whammy of suck.

And I liked bananas. It was healthy eating but they still tasted good. And I really liked Strawberries Wild at Jamba Juice. It’s the only flavor I ever order. Jamba Juice has suddenly lost all appeal.

So that was my bad day. Lying in bed next to my sick wife with a damp washcloth on my forehead and intense stomach pain, all while an incredible amount of work was due the next day. Yuck.

It’s really not that dramatic — it wasn’t that terrible of a day. But it wasn’t a good day by a longshot.

Update: It’s been more than a year since I wrote this entry on what could be banana allergies, and it’s racked up more than 50 comments. I’m thinking the comments are more helpful than my actual entry, but hopefully people are finding what they’re looking for.

Since it has been more than a year since I wrote this, I thought I should give an update. I haven’t had intense banana-related stomach cramps since, though I have eaten small quantities of bananas. Back in February I had half a banana with no dire consequences. A few weeks back my wife made a fruit salad with bananas, and over a couple days I ate the equivalent of a couple of bananas. No dire consequences.

My only conclusion has been that my stomach cramps were caused by consuming massive quantities of bananas in a short period. If I eat them every day, I get sick. But once in a while seems to be fine.

Of course I’m still a little hesitant when it comes to Jamba Juice.

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  1. Wow, I am happy to know that I am not the only one who gets an upset stomach from bananas. I started getting them 2 years age-I’m 24 now. I recently started to eat them again, thinking that maybe it was all in my mind or something. I have been ate them almost daily for about 2 weeks, then last week I started to get the same exact stomach pain I did before. It starts about an hour or so after I eat the banana and then just gets worse and lasts for 1-3 hours. Now I’m starting to get the pains after I’ve eaten foods aside from bananas!! Last nigh I have some fried plantain (kinda like a banana) and chicken and I had terrible stomach pains for about 5 hours! Any thoughts?!? Ideas to get better? I’m afraid to eat, I don’t want this pain while I’m working!!

  2. Wow – I can’t believe this site.
    For the longest time people didn’t believe me when I said it was the bananas making me sick.
    Im 29 and starting last December I began to experience extreme upper stomach pain (that makes me feel like I need to go to the toilet) sweating and on one occastion vomiting.

    Like many people have already posted, I love bananas. I have been eating them since I was a child and am especially fond of banana smoothies. Now I have to cut them completly out of my diet. The reaction time to eating the banana is anywhere from 15mins to 30 mins and generally lasts for at least 2 hours.

    Im glad to see im not the only one going through this.
    I haven’t had a reaction to any other foods, so far only bananas.
    It would be great if we knew what was causing this!

  3. Unbelievable…finally others that have the same symtoms after eating a banana as I do. I used to be able to eat them until one morning before work I had one and about 2 hours into my shift (I was a CNA then)thinking I had caught some awful stomach virus from a resident. Water wouldn’t relieve as a matter of fact seemed to make it worse. Nurses gave me antacids, pepto, I tried everything, crackers, dry bread. They sent me to a DR (this was in the mid 80’s) he said I probably had an ulcer. I to this day have no idea what caused that pain until now…I gave up bananas for all these years and I had some the other day…just a bit and I was fine. I waited a few days to try another…I was fine then this morning I had a BIG banana and WOW here is the gut wrentching butt puckering pain again. I can eat banana bread no problem but I am literally afraid of a banana…I am 54, healthy, active and I am afraid of bananas. If anyone has gotten tested for this please let me know. I think it is the potassium and as it is cooked it is depleted. Have a wonderful banana free day! Merry Christmas!

  4. It is very relieving to know I am not alone when it comes to avocadoes and bananas. If only I could figure out why I also get agonizing stomache aches with cold sandwiches mainly sub sandwiches though, iceberg lettuce (I have, overtime, noticed that finely chopped is a nightmare but a whole leaf is harmless) and when I consume any restraunts uncooked vegi patties. The stomache aches I get with these foods are incredibly painful and the only way I can sucessfully relieve it is when smoking marijuana which also keeps me functional throughout my day. But I would love to know what is it in these particular foods that trigger my nightmare so I can better avoid them.

  5. I, too, ate bananas until I was 17 years old (1972), until one day I ate one and felt as though my stomach was paralyzed–no digestion, nothing going down, pain, and sweating. Cooked bananas don’t do it (but don’t lick the raw banana cake batter!). Raw zucchini has the same effect, cooked is not a problem.

  6. I’m joining the no banana club. They started making me sick when I was 21 after I had my first baby. I go on spurts of banana eating. My kids love them, so they are in the house on occasion and I sometimes can’t resist. I don’t know if avocado is an issue for me. I ate both avocado and half of a baby Harry and David banana this evening and I have a bad stomach ache. I am certain that the Harry and David bananas were picked green and gassed. They sure look weird half green with big black spots on them. I’ll have to try an organic banana sometime.

  7. This site–what a discovery! I’m 53 and have not had a banana since the age of about 21. Allery/intolerence/pain started approx. 15-16 or so, and got progressively worse with age. Not everytime I ate a banana, but severe enough when it happened to make me quit eating them FOREVER. I love bananas! Just i month ago TRIED banana muffins a few times and no pain at all. They were great! In a short time, when I become brave enough, I will try cooking the banana, maybe grilling, and see how it goes. I have not tried any of the other remedies listed here and probably won’t-pain too bad.
    Glucamole caused the same type of pain, BUT EVEN WORSE! Cucumbers also, to a slightly lesser extent. On occasion, peanut butter(to a lesser extent). I have also experienced on occasion that very full, uncomfortable feeling, but no pain, mentioned here with eggs. If its just eggs alone more chance of that happening, as opposed to adding toast, orange juice, etc…
    More info–> my one daughter also has the same exact problems with bananas, glucamole, and cucumbers. We are of Irish and Finnish decent.
    I hope this helps others and if anyone comes up with a safe way to eat bananas again, please let me know.
    I’m going to do some more research on the chitinase and seratonin theories.

  8. Thank you for this post. This thread is the most evidence I have seen yet to corroborate my hypothesis that it was the banana that was making me sick. It was so strange because I am not the type to have experienced many food allergies in my 44 yrs. But I had a banana on an empty stomach this morning, and it was about an hour later when I felt like I was going to vomit. I was so nauseous. That was followed by the face flush that many have mentioned. I went home from work sick, thinking that I was getting some virus that has been going around. But then, like right now, a few hours later, I feel back to normal. But this is second time that exact same thing has happened. The first time also occurred right after eating a banana on an empty stomach. I can also verify that these symptoms do NOT occur when I eat a banana with other food, such as toast, or yogurt. Hope this helps others out there trying to figure out why they have a stomach ache after eating bananas!

  9. Just another “bad banana bummer” case with me, too. For years I have not eaten a banana, not even a little slice or I will pay dearly. I get very nauseated with a horrible stomachache (the kind that requires you to unsnap your pants and moan & groan on the couch for a few hours). I am able to eat banana bread with no problem though. I also cannot eat raw almonds or fig newtons or (ok, this is weird but I ate it 3 times and never, ever will again), “blueberries and cream” pre-packaged oatmeal. I don’t eat avocado, don’t care for it, but some was in my sandwich today (I didn’t realize it), and I ended up with another horrible stomachache from that too. I would give anything if I could just eat a peanut butter & banana sandwich!

  10. I too have the same banana and avocado reactions-severe and disabling stomach cramps-which started in 1978 when I was 23 years old. Before then, I ate both regularly. Giving up avocados was not difficult, but I really miss bananas.

    While surfing the web during the latest mid-Atlantic snowstorm I found this article that discusses banana allergy (caused by an allergy to the enzyme “Chitenase” – part of the latex allergy group) and banana intolerance (due to vaso-active amines such as serotonin which is present in bananas). It sheds a bit of light on our unfortunate malady!

    Hope you can click on the link:

  11. I too have the bananna & avocado allergy..My stomach will hurt really bad, but to help ease the pain, sprite works really well. to get the gas out..I also have the same type of reaction to Salmon.

  12. Wow! I thought I was the only one. I haven’t had a banana in months because it always makes my stomach cramp really bad, it also makes me sweat feel as if I need to vomit or use the restroom. This morning I decided to be brave and ate about 1/3 of a banana and my stomach started cramping right away (I mean right away). This is the only food that has ever had this effect on me. I’m glad I came across this website after all these years.

  13. I have been lifting weights for a while, recent I started to eat bananas after working out with my protein powder… I have been miserable for weeks… Could not figure out what was wrong with me, I cut out my supplements for weight lifting and I still had pain, I cut out Protein and still has pain (yes I was eating bananas every day) and then it hit me. What else do I eat and I started to search bananas and I found that I am not alone. I just found out today, I will not have a banana tomorrow and hope that I will not have the gas and pain. Screw bananas and where they came from :-(

  14. I don’t remember how old I was when I suddenly couldn’t eat bananas anymore…late 20’s. Avacado used to “disable” me, but not anymore….I can’t eat Taquitos or bell peppers either. But I can tell you that the pain & misery will stop you in your tracks. I get flushed and have zero energy. I have found though that by taking anti-gas medicine as soon as pain starts to set in, it gets rid of it. But one can only hope the medicine is handy when it strikes.

  15. Allergic reactions to banana have been observed in those with latex hypersensitivity. The presence of cross-reacting IgE binding allergen epitopes in the banana fruit is considered by some as one cause. And said to share allergens with other fruits, like avocado and kiwi, that show antigenic relations to natural rubber latex, and with melon and ragweed pollen by cross reaction. Some others conclude that the protein found in banana called chitinase, causes the immune system in some individuals to overreact and treat the protein as harmful to your body. The protein called chitinase is also found in avocado and kiwi fruit. The immune system overacting to the banana protein chitinase. caused by Vaso-active amines. They argue that Vaso-active amines are histamine like substances that occur naturally in foods and can trigger symptoms that can mimic allergy reactions. Vaso-active amines are called histamine, phenyl-ethylamine, serotonin, tyramine and dopamine. Serotonin is found in banana, and the symptom of serotonine ingestion include cramping, flushing of the skin, headache, and heart palpitations. The severity of the symptoms is dependent on the amount the histamine like substance ingested and the lack of the histamine metabolizing enzyme diamine oxidase in the system. The so called food allergy or food intolerance reactions happen within a few minutes to hours after eating the bananas involving skin rash to cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, runny nose, watery eyes, wheezing, coughing.

    To my mind, the human body as well as the universe has come out from the basic five elements, The Ether, The Air, The Fire, The water and the Earth. The Spirit, the thoughts, metaphysics in the body are from Ether, The air causes all movements, and the fire causes the life,growth, metabolism, digestion; the water causes the shape, the liquids in the body, the thermostatus of the body in conjuction with fire etc. and the Earth is the fundamental structure involving all organs, the body, the bones, the nerves etc. Each substance we eat are the Earth part of the other bodies existing outside our body and those bodies contain all those that are inside our body. All those subtile particles that end in “IN” and “INE” are the Ether constituents within us as well as without or outside us. Therefore the enzymes like Hystamine(ending in INE) diamine, phenylethylamine, serotonin(ending in IN), tyramine, dopamine and all alkaloids and amines are Ether derivatives. They do the subtlest of the subtlest subatomic functions in the body. You would know that when a body which has B Blood group is ingested with AB or A or any other blood group of positive or negative qualities, the blood would straight away reject it, the reason being they are different and cannot be accepted though they are blood. Similarly, when A particular protein or Ether derivative in its subtlest form is ingested into a body which has a mutated form of the same present or not present in the body, the body will reject the ingested one with violent reactions. This cannot be termed in a vast and expansive nomenclature of ALLERGY as we do now and avoid taking that stuff, which will only increase the damage which the body has already and reach a stage of serious other maladies following it. Therefore, it should be concluded that there is a fundamental damage to that Ether derivative in the body which is assisting the assimilation of external ether derivatives supplemented to the body through food. That has to be corrected for proper assimilation. If the correction is done the so called allergy will vanish. Searching for the cause is not sufficient, understanding the body and correcting the fundamental imbalance is the key and the clue to permanent relief. If the Ether derivative is mutated, what could be the cause there. The cause would be the second Gross element i.e. the Air. The combination of Ether with Air in its subatomic proportion has gone wrong and if that proportion is corrected, the rejection by the body will stop and the body will start accepting the same banana which it once rejected. How do I know that it is the fundamental second element Air. It is because, you look at the reactions happening, remembering at the same time the basic function of the Gross element air in the body is movement. Movement includes the movement of the limbs, the movement of the mouth, eylids, the movement of the blood, the movement of protons, neutroms and all subatomic movements, each and every movement in the body will be included. The fundamental truth to note is that, Pain is always caused when the movement is stopped or restricted in the body. So, if there is pain in any part of the body, it should be invariably understood that the air movement has been stopped or restricted there. If there is paralysis, it means there is no air at all there. Water can reach only where there is air. If there is no air, there cannot be water too. If air is not there, blood cannot also be there. The portion therefore is paralysed or dead.

    In the case in point, the first symptom is stomach ache, meaning there is a gastric derangement, normally called as gastralgia, then there is cramps which is again a shortening or inability to expand or contract the muscles, which are again movement restriction due to lack of air supply and consequent blood and nutrient supplies. Wheezing again is connected with air derangement. Now how to correct it naturally? The body has to correct it, no medicines of gross value can do it.. Because all medicines of gross preparation are of the Level of Earth among the five gross elements, while we are talking about higher elements of Air and Ether. We need to therefore raise the level of the medicine to that of subatomic characteristics. This fortunately can be done by potentizing the medicines and circumventing the circulatory system, we need to reach directly to the energy system of the body. The level in which the dopamine, serotonins etc. function, i.e. subtler than the neurotransmitter levels. Here we can fortunately go with homeopathic medicines. In the case of destention, stomach ache, flatulence, etc. caused by banana one can easily correct it by medicines like Lycopodium 200 single dose.

    One should remember that most of these intolerances, allergies, mutations in genes from parent level passed on to the children level and further damaged by vaccinations are of iatrogenic reasons polluting the natural elements by their toxicities and should first be antidoted and corrected by medicines like Thuja, Nux Vomica, Natrum Mur, Calcarea Carb, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Pulsatilla etc. to achieve maximum benefits. In the case of Banana intolerance and stomach ache due to Banana, one single dose of Lycopodium 200 (three to five globules or 5 drops in one ounce of water ) would be sufficient to correct it. Thereafter take any number of bananas one may like to eat. For those who have anaphylactic reactions, banana itself may be potentised and used as test doses to eliminate the ferocity of the attack.

    The above is my thoughts on the subject and should not be substituted for advise of qualified medical practitioner. Medicines should be used only in consultation with a Doctor.

  16. Had to cancel Easter because I thought HEY I’ll try eating a banana! It was horrible! I was curled in a ball from 11:30am until 3pm! The weird thing is yesterday I had avocado in a sandwich and experienced the same feeling. The banana whoas I’ve had in the past, the avocado experience was a first time. Some other history …I occasionally will get hives on my lips and an itchy throat when I eat apples, pears, peaches or nectarines. Has anyone been diagnosed with Oral Allergy Syndrome?

  17. Glad to have found others with a banana issue. I’m six months pregnant with my fourth child and all of a sudden, bananas are a major problem. Within 15 minutes of eating one, I get gut wrenching pain that lasts for a few hours. It’s a constant ache the wanes and waxes, and even makes me sweat sometimes. I’ve given up bananas. Hopefully it’s just a wacky pregnancy problem for me because I love bananas!

  18. My family has always told me I was making this up. I would tell them that I literally cannot eat a banana and they would just blow me off. It got to the point that I thought, maybe it is a mind thing. Well, I had a banana 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my son and I got sick as a dog. I was doubled over and in the bathroom so much, I had to leave work early. And, here I go again. I am trying this 3 day diet, out of curiousity. I am on the 2nd day and had to eat 1/2 banana. Within the hour, I am cramping and just want to go home and lay down. This is terrible. How can something good for you be terrible for you at the same time?

  19. Just had 1/4th of a banana thinking that the pain I have experienced with bananas in the past 5 years were “all in my head” (according to friends and family). How wrong they were! Pain typically sets in 30-60 mins. after consumption. Pain subsides depending on how much banana I ingested; a whole banana typically leaves me bowled over anywhere from 3-5 hours or until I end up involuntarily vomiting :( Sucks that we all experience this but nice to know that it’s not “all in my head.” I’m staying away from bananas no matter how small the piece or how tempting!

  20. Sadly, I have had this problem since I was young. I have always loved bananas, but I liked them not too ripe, even with a little green on the skin still (but not too much). So, I thought this was the problem. Seems unlikely now; plenty of people like them this way and do fine with them. I have recently been adding them back into my diet and was doing well…until today, when i ate two back to back. I have been in pain for hours. I guess I am ok with having them every once in a while. When I learned that bananas are recommended to help soothe an achy stomach I could not believe it!

  21. I have been eating bananas, and lots of them my whole life. I just started getting sick random days. I have terrible cramps in my stomach, but I also have immense pain in my back, I burp and feel nauseous. I got checked for my gallbladder, and now I am thinking I have an ulcer. But it happens anytime after I eat a banana. Does anyone else have these same symptoms?

  22. So glad I found this website and that I am not alone. Bananas have been making me sick to my stomach after my breakfast for weeks. I thought I was pregnant! With this website and a couple of others, I have learned that it may be tied in with my allergies to tree pollen. Glad to know that it’s not just me.

  23. I just started having random SEVERE stomach cramps that kept me doubled over for hours. Other symptoms include nausea, occasional vomitting, feeling like I need to have a bowel movement, red skin, sweating, restlessness, sometimes diarrhea, comes on suddenly and lasts for a few hours.

    Everyone keeps telling me it might be my gallbladder, but it isn’t happening after eating fatty foods. I started keeping a food log and realized that each time it was happening within 20 minutes or so after eating a banana. I was hoping to avoid any more episodes by avoiding bananas, but accidently ate some in a fruit salad at a restaurant. Big mistake, since I was traveling at the time. So glad to find this blog and realize that I am not alone.

    I have a doc appt next week concerning these mysterious stomach pains. I wonder if he will do allergy testing on me.

  24. I thought I was crazy, but I just realized that I have the same problem myself. I suspected as much when I started buying bananas this summer from the grocer who had these unusually low prices this season. I was buying them by the bunch every day but I also started feeling woozy and my stomach ached…I thought it was the heat or the other foods that I was eating, but now I realize it’s the b. I love the son of guns. They are so sweet, soft, and tender, yummy. However, I guess, like a girlfriend I liked for a long time, I have to say goodbye to them.
    This also makes me think about the so-called health foods that you always hear people talk about. Not all healthy food is necessarily healthy. My guess is that more people are allergic to at least one or two fruits and vegetables than they are of steak or burgers.
    Fruits and vegetables are more likely to give you e-coli or botulism (which can kill you)
    So, do not believe the hype about fruits and veg. They can make you sick, and even kill you.
    If there is one veg that I have grown to love are legumes – lentils, beans and what have are just terrific. They never make me sick, they are incredibly nutritious, great fiber (you look forward to going to the bathroom in the morning) simple to cook, and as far as I am concerned, taste terrific.
    So, eat more legumes and stay away from too much sugary fruits. I have seen too many “health-nut’ that are overweight and out of shape. Fruits have loads of calories, so do not think you are getting a free healthy kick all the time. With legumes you will feel better, be stronger, lose weight, get healthier, and live forever (and never have to worry about diarrhea)
    Long live the legume.

  25. No more bananas for me either. I used to eat two a day and would have horrid stomach cramps but didn’t realise it was the bananas causing the problems.

    I was interested to see Jill (April 7, 2010) mention oral allergy syndrome as I have this and used to vomit as soon as I ate raw apple (cooked is fine), my mouth and lips swell after raw carrot and hazlenuts, and I once had a more serious reaction to raw celeriac.

  26. I am glad to have found others that have a this allergy. I too found out that i am allergic about 1 year ago. I love bananas and I used to eat them daily. I do not have the same symptoms as just about all of you. I do not have any stomach pain, cramping or throat closure. No digestive problems at all. My face puffs up and becomes very congested throughout my sinuses. Eyes water and tear uncontrollably, my eyes send to get so puffy that they almost shut. The bridge of my nose between my eyes is almost flattened by the puffiness. It slowly goes down and still is puffy 8 hours later.. Its actually going on right now – happened today for the 2nd time ever. 1st time was 1 year ago, today was #2, i was at a board meeting presenting and had to deal with this nonsense… I hate a fruit serving that they had for breakfast for everyone… Love the bananas so they ended up on my plate.. It took me until the end of the meeting to figure it out. go figure

  27. i just had a banana for lunch today and i felt hot and itchy then i broke out into hives this is weird because when i was young i ate them occasionaly with no issue the same thing happend lasf year when i had a banana smoothie i am certain now that im allergic to bananas no more eating them for me bananas arnt that great anyways

  28. Hi and wow…all these years I thought I was strange. I used to eat bananas all the time, no problem, until a couple of years ago (I’m 29). Whenever I would eat even a few bites of a banana, I would end up with stomach cramps and bloating. Sometimes nausea too. No issues with cooked ones though. Anyway, like many of you, I stopped eating them for a long time, and then one day thought I should try them again, in case it was in my head. So, I did – and had no reaction at all! This was about 3 months ago, and I was so excited and ate them regularly, no problem. Until three days ago – I had one for a snack and the major discomfort was back. And just now, I ate about 1/4 of a banana in a smoothie, and am cramping up again. Have the same reaction, only much more severe, to avocados too. Even if avocado touches my food, I’m totally incapacitated and it only goes away if I sleep it off. I never thought this could be related to oral allergy syndrome, so interesting to see a couple of people mention it. I also react to apples, almonds, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, eggplant, carrots, celery, and sometimes kiwi…all raw. No issues with the cooked stuff. With the raw stuff, my throat itches, mouth/lips sometimes flare up. (The best part is I’m vegetarian…not a lot of options left and really hope this doesn’t start happening with more foods on that latex list….!).

  29. I’m a vegetarian too, and I can’t eat loads of things;cucumbers, bananas, avocados, apples, kiwis, carrots and especially eggs. NO eggs for me, they’re fine when in something else.

    Even lettuce can upset my stomach. Zucchini has to be cooked. I’m actually afraid to eat anything raw, which sucks. Where am I supposed to get my nutrition? I can’t even drink Jamba Juice because I end up with excruciating pain for hours every time!

    What’s weird is that for most of my life (19 yrs) my favorite snack has been a bowl of cucumbers w/ dressing, now all of a sudden I absolutely cannot eat it without pain. I don’t understand why this started happening now.

  30. Hello, I cannot confirm that bananas cause me problems, as I eat them occasionally. Two foods that do give me stomach pains are avocados and sunflower seeds.
    I foud this website after a few days of suffering and few weeks after adding energy bars with sunflower seeds (as main ingredient) to my diet. It seems to be exacerbated only after prolonged consumption of the sunflower seeds.
    I discovered my problem with avocados couple years ago and have to avoid them. It takes no previous consumption of avocado to cause a problem for me.
    Between avocados and sunflower, my symptoms are identical: moderate to severe cramps for 2-4 hours.
    I just read that ginger might help, wish me luck on that trial; intentionally consuming sunflower seeds and ginger.

  31. Thankyou for this site, the info & the shared link.
    I used to eat a banana on the way to school, work, whatever, all of my life.
    Then recently I started having issues with bananas.
    gut wrenching cramps and diahrea, the smell started to turn my stomach and any kind of banana smoothie was out of the question.
    I am finding that even banana bread upsets my system.

  32. I get terrible stomach pain from broccoli, avocados, spinach, and now bananas. It went in that order and I have eaten all of them my entire life. It all started about 7 years ago wih the broccoli and then the avocados, spinach, and bananas have been within the last 4 months. What is going on with me?? I think it is time to call my doctor!

  33. I too cannot eat Banana, avocado, kiwi or broccoli. Severe stomach pain and loss of energy, just want to sleep. I never really took it too seriously and just thought it was a food intolerance until my two year old daughter was diagnosed with server anaphylactic allergies to all peanut/tree nuts, pea’s and honey. I have learned alot about allergies over the last couple of years. One thing that I did learn was that you can all of sudden one day develop an allergy to something that you were always fine with before…Crazy.

  34. Well, it’s been quite awhile since I posted. I was having trouble with avocado and bananas mostly (had some run-ins with melons here and there, but if they were eaten on an empty stomach, I was okay usually). Well, add raw almonds and walnuts to the list. OMG. The pain is horrific. This is new — within the last 4 months or so. I also had some issues with these certain peanuts…but not all peanuts. Same exact pain and bloating in the epigastric area as the bananas, avocados, almonds, and walnuts. Roasted nuts and cooked bananas appear to be okay.

    One thing I have found that helps is to shovel in a good serving of pretzels, crackers, or anything similar to that when the pain is coming on. For some reasoning, it triggers peristalsis for me and takes the whole episode down from 5 hours to 1 or so. What I feel like happens is that I eat the certain foods and they paralyze my stomach/intestines and I build up horrendous amounts of gas there. The pain radiates through my whole back. But if I eat crackers or pretzels, it passes much faster (granted, i really don’t feel like eating, but I discovered that that really helps).

  35. I am 34 years old and remember vividly one day when I was 8 years old and I got horrible stomach pains/gas after eating a banana. I probably haven’t had one in more than 20 years due to the fear of the horrible pains. Avocados, grapes, and blueberries also affect me like this. Only if uncooked. I have a sensitive tummy anyway, problems with gas from vegetables.. sometimes even lettuce or celery. Reading these responses makes me want o eat a banana LOL

  36. Wow! I too have the banana, avocado, and summer squash (including raw zucchini and yellow summer squash) intense stomach cramping, sweats/chills. I have found relief, and this is why I’m writing, with digestive food enzyme tablets and acidophillus capsules. It is so weird that it doesn’t happen all the time. I can eat guacamole fine. Or if the bananas are mashed (in oatmeal). Good luck all!

  37. Wow-I’m not crazy!! : ) I LOVE bananas, but have cut them completely out of my diet. My digestion comes to a complete stand still. I don’t get typical allergy symptoms, but I do have the stomach pains. I feel really sick, tired, achy, nausea-just not myself and sickly. I seem to feel that way for a couple of days…maybe until it passes? Very weird. It’s nice to not be alone! I noticed others mentioning sunflower seeds and I have had some issues with those as well.

  38. Sitting here with the banana cramping/stomach ache. It’s the second time it happens, and I just put two and two together from when it happened three nights ago after eating a banana. I ate one tonight and not even an hour later I felt lower back pain. For some reason I get the stomach ache with lower back pain (which I never have lower back pain). No vomiting, but have been to the bathroom twice already. Last time it was for almost two hours, and it’s been an hour and a half already this time, so I’m hoping it will subside soon. I remember when I was little that my mom used to blend bananas in my milk, and I would drink that every morning. Then I remember starting to get stomach aches, but definitely nothing like this. Throughout the years I’ve hardly eaten any, and then recently I decided to start eating more fruit. I haven’t been eaten bananas everyday, but like twice a week. And now it started. Weird. I can assure you that I won’t be eating raw bananas ever again, but I hope fried plantains still agree with me. Oh, and this is my first food allergy ever, and I see so many of you have gotten allergies throughout the years, so I guess I’m not out of the woods yet for developing some new allergy or intolerance.

  39. found this thought it would be useful. i looked it up because I used to eat bananas and would get stomach cramps, so I rarely do, but I ate one this morning and as soon as I finished it, my throat and inner ears starting itching like crazy… guess I shouldn’t eat things I’m allergic to, lol

    Banana allergy can take two different forms: one associated with allergy to tree pollen, such as birch, and another type associated with latex allergy. People with birch-pollen allergy can develop symptoms either immediately or up to 1 hour after eating fresh banana or a banana-containing food. Symptoms comprise local reactions in the mouth and throat with itching and inflammation (called oral allergy syndrome, OAS).

    Others develop banana allergy because of the similarity between the allergens in banana and natural rubber latex (e.g. gloves, condoms, balloons) a condition known as the latex-fruit syndrome. Symptoms developed by these individuals comprise generalised urticaria, abdominal pain, vomiting and sometimes life-threatening symptoms. These individuals often develop adverse reactions to chestnut, avocado, mango and kiwi.

    And then I found this…

  40. The other day I ate a banana on an empty stomach and experienced many of the symptoms that you all have said (hives,nausea,bloating,dizziness). I have been eating bananas my entire life and never had a problem until now; I’m 20. The only thing that may have hinted that I was allergic was when my tongue would lightly tingle after eating a banana, Nutella, uncooked carrots or cucumbers. I will now avoid any food that gives my tongue that tingling sensation. It’s not worth the risk!

  41. I have a co-worker who claims he cannot even be in the same room with a banana or he will have a severe allergic reaction. I’ve heard of food allergies before, but to go into anaphalaxis if somebody eats a banana in your presence or breathes on you afterward really surprises me. I’ve never heard of an allergy so severe! Is it even possible to react like that?

  42. I have NEVER been able to eat bananas. I have also learned kiwi does the same thing to me that bananas do. Horrible upset stomach. Cramping for hours then bad gas. Last summer I had been making lots of smoothies with spinach. Then the spinach started doing it! I made and ate baked zucchinni fries today and had the same thing happen! The reaction is the same with all these things. Except last year I cut up a kiwi for my son and within 10 min my eyes started to swell. Freaked me out! I hate this crap! I am trying to find a connection between all of it. It seems like in small amounts the spinach and zucchinni are ok. It’s when i have ALOT i react. The bananas are a def no go. I have tried them in small amounts and they kill me.

  43. Wow. I thought I was the only person. Started in my 20s with itching of my throat. Later the itching progressed to severe intense headache and vomiting then diarrhea. stops when i take an anti histamine and then I sleep. Stopped taking bananas more than 20yrs in any form even if cooked.

  44. wow so good to read these comments i think i have found the solution! no bananas!!!! i am a 63 yr old woman have always eaten special k with bananas. but a week ago today i became terribly sick after eating this, had to go to the dr. not knowing what was making my stomach hurt so bad. received medication and felt fine so this morning had my favorite meal banana with ceral and i felt awful. so i think i can live without bananas.

  45. I have never liked bananas. I ate one when I was little and threw up. The smell makes me want to vomit. On occasion I have tried some in a smoothie and have always gotten sick. I can’t stand to be near one. Cantaloupe too. Recently I started reacting to shrimp. We went to the Shrimp and Grits festival on Jekyll Island, GA and after a day of shrimp eating followed by a watermelon I was up all night violently ill. I was actually spazzing! A month later after eating lobster, I got really stomach sick and actually got hives. I made an allergy appt right away. Oh no!!!! The dreaded shellfish allergy! I loooove shellfish!!! Well he did more tests and I am allergic to bananas, melons, peanuts ( odd because I eat PB fine… But have never liked peanuts), pinto beans and flounder. I have to carry an Epi pen constantly now in case of cross contamination at restaurants. You tell them about your allergy but you never know if it sinks in. So far no problems with avacado! Love those. I hardly ever eat kiwi, I hope I’m not going to react to those. It was fun to tell my family to stop asking me if I want a banana! They always just assumed I didn’t like it and had fun teasing me. I have eaten banana bread with no issues, so that’s odd.

  46. After eating bananas all my life, I became allergic to bananas 3 years ago at age 34. Over the course of a month on three separate occasions I ate a banana and nothing else and within 20 minutes had allergic reactions. The first two times I was confused as I never thought of the banana. But after the third time I came to the conclusion that I had developed a banana allergy. My reactions are watery puffy eyes, sneezing and runny nose, itchy scratchy throat, tightness in my cheek/jaw muscles, headaches, and flushed skin. Since I first discovered the allergy, I have accidentally consumed banana another 4 times while consuming smoothies and a fruit mix. The only common factor was bananas. Weird but true.

  47. Thank you for this article! No one believes me when I tell them I can’t eat bananas, avocados, spinach or cantaloupe. When I consume even one bite or even one leaf of spinach, severe right upper quadrant pain starts within 5-10 minutes and lasts 30-60 minutes with the inability to do anything but suffer through and even holding my breath, and cold sweat and shaking. The symptoms are more intense each time I consume one of them. I have to be more careful to avoid them since it’s worse each time now. They say latex cross-reactive food allergy could be the cause but I can eat potatoes and tomatoes with no problem at all. I am slightly sensitive to balloons in that when I blow up a bunch of them the smell of the latex is extremely strong to me for several hours after. But no redness or bumps. I may never know for sure.

  48. My mother in law actually had this happen to her after eating a banana. It w as kind of weird to me cause I never heard of anyone else going through it. Now as I write this my husband has been vomiting, with severe stomach pain, and gas. All after eating a banana. He also has bloating and and constipation. My mother in law said that oranges helped her let out the gas. But he is afraid to take anything. I feel bad cause he can’t even think straight he said it is worse than a kidney stone, and he should know he had one before. I feel helpless cause I have no clue what to do. He has been this way since 2/2:30 and he ate it at 1:00 it is now 5:04. The pain is calming down right now. How crazy I never in a million years would’ve thought this could happen to someone by eating a banana. Could someone tell me what we could do if this happens again in the future I would greatly appreciate it.

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