Monkey Outta Nowhere Makes the Switch

Monkey Outta Nowhere switches to Mac.After years fighting the dreaded blue screen of death and obscure .dll errors, Monkey Outta Nowhere has made the switch to Apple Computers. Dumping the PC was an easy choice for the creative-minded company.

“Now that I’ve used a Mac, I won’t go back,” says CEO/Mail Clerk Kevin D. Hendricks. “But I promise not to be one of those psycho Mac fanatics — I’ll keep my proselytizing to a minimum.”

Stuffed Monkey Returns from the Frontlines

Nana the Monkey with members of the 71st Expeditionary Rescue Squadron.A stuffed monkey from an Ohio elementary school recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The monkey, named Nana, traveled to Afghanistan last year with other goods for the U.S. troops. Nana spent almost a year with the 71st Expeditionary Rescue Squadron, accompanying them on missions and even jumping out of a plane at 3,000 feet. Lt. Col. Randy McCasland said Nana became a welcome stress reliever for the troops. The monkey returned with pictures and a journal, proving once and for all that monkeys can do more than star in commercials and be the pets of arch villains.

President Demoted

“The Next Best Thing to Being President”, a New York Times editorial (registration required), ponders the possibility of a John Kerry/Bill Clinton democratic ticket.

The exact constitutional language forbidding Clinton from being president again says nothing about him being vice president, nor does it forbid a former president from succeeding his way to the top again (the 22nd Amendment forbids being “elected to the office of the president more than twice.”).

Not sure what I think about that, but it’s one of those funny ‘what if’ situations to ponder. Of course if Clinton could legally become president again, unleash the conspiracy theories and watch out John Kerry.


What’s going to be the best “Christian” movie in 2004? It terms of fat cash it’s going to be The Passion, no questions asked. And while World Wide Pictures might turn out something to talk about, the fact that their last movie out still isn’t out says something indeed (perhaps it’s saying, “I have a marketing degree!”).

No, I think the best Christian movie in 2004 is going to be Saved! (watch the trailer). Mandy Moore, Macaulay Culkin, Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous)… it’s Ten Things I Hate About You at your local Baptist high school. “I just crashed my van into Jesus!”

Of course it could be way too over the top. The Christian band The Elms were slated to appear in the movie but they backed out after reading the script. While it could be incredibly insulting to Christians, sometimes I think we deserve that. The real question is what the movie has to say about God. A movie that can spark some discussion and reflection about God and actually make people laugh is hard to come by. Of course it could be another Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.

We’ll see come April 23. (thanks to bloggedy blog for the link, courtesy of David Hopkins)