I’m a Publisher

FX-77 SpacefighterSeems like I’ve rambled about this before, but some random guy (link via kottke) was talking about the ability to be your own publisher. He took a public domain book, found a version online, and made his own edition of the book on Cafepress.

There’s all kinds of fun you could have making your own version of books. I can imagine doing a fun library series of stuff — though I suppose finding public domain books might be a little difficult (and if everyone got on the bandwagon it wouldn’t be so cool).

But as a writer the real fun part is the ability to be my own publisher. I could publish a book and only have to put the creation and production time into it. That’s my only investment. The general consumer could order my books one at a time and you avoid the hassle of the publishing industry’s advances and unsold copies and all that. It’s a perfect solution for low-demand books.

It really makes me think about FX-77 Spacefighter.

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