Color My Freakin’ World!

OK, M&Ms have their color back. In case you noticed the freaky black and white M&Ms and a stupid marketing stunt, it’s over. Last night they aired some funky new commercials with the tagline that “Chocolate is better in color.”

But forget the consumer ‘buy chocolate’ mentality. Check out the flat-out coolness of that commercial. The candy rolling around like waves and exploding in color? Pretty freaking cool. But what I really want to know is where can I get that “color my world” song? Props to M&Ms for a cool commercial (I stopped fast-forwarding to watch), but big bust on not making the song readily available (web search and visit to the M&Ms site came up empty — sorry you lose, customer dissatisfied).

9 thoughts on “Color My Freakin’ World!”

  1. The song is “Colour My World,” originally by Petula Clark, thanks to Unfortunately I still don’t know who did the version in the commercial, or if its available anywhere.

  2. kevin-
    i am so pissed! i really want that version on the m&ms commercial. every time i see that commercial i can’t help but have mixed emotions towards it due to the lack of info on who covered the song. if i find it, ill let you know!
    -jillian bonessa

  3. The song has been recorded for the commercial only. You can hear it on the M&Ms site, but you cannot download it! Damn!

  4. That’s queer as shat. This song totally rules. I was browsing the web trying to find out where I could buy the CD with that version. :(

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