Cheating Pepsi

It seems there’s a low-tech way to hack the Pepsi/iTunes Giveaway simply by trying to peer under the cap.

I considered doing this in the store tonight (before spotting the article) and realized at the time that if I could figure out the visual difference between a winner and a loser, I could pick the right one every time. Apparently someone decided to verify my hunch. I couldn’t help but wondering if the Pepsi’s at Target had already been rifled through — several rows of 20-ouncers looked out of whack.

At any rate, I’m 2 for 9 in the whole Pepsi/iTunes Giveaway, which means I’m losing against the advertised 1 for 3 ratio, and I drink too much over-priced 20-ounce pop.

3 thoughts on “Cheating Pepsi”

  1. I heard about this little technique earlier today, and I’m confused by how it works. I’d get looks or orders from store employees if I tried to do this stuff, so I don’t know how others are doing it.

  2. I’m three-for-four on my bottles, and I can’t tilt the vending machine at work to get that little peek-a-boo under the cap.

    Or at least, I haven’t attempted to tilt the vending machine…

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