Do it eBay, Baby!

The Tick: Because I Care.I know my other eBay auctions may not have been your cup of tea, or they simply sold too quickly, but now I have the auction you can’t ignore:

The Tick Lip Balm.

How can you possibly do the two-lipped butterfly with chapped lips! C’mon, man, protect those puckerers! OK, it’s from 1995, so you probably don’t want to use it, but how keen would a tube of Tick balm sitting on your desk be? You’ll be the envy of the office.

“… Because I Care!” – The Tick

2 thoughts on “Do it eBay, Baby!”

  1. I was the envy of a couple other TA’s when I told them I had one of their favorite TV show’s ever on VCD. I probably shouldn’t get the lip balm though, they might lynch me for it.

  2. We just got a new DVD player and it doesn’t claim to play VCDs. Too bad, too. Still, I think I can play my set on the computer.

    Has anyone heard of them (the people who hold the rights) actually selling a real, legitimate copy of the Tick’s entire production on VHS or DVD? I’d be interested to have it.

    “Good boy, Speak!”

    “I love you.”

    “Right on!

    Possibly the best three-line exchange in a comedy, ever.

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