I Didn’t Get Rich By Writing Big Checks

In my ever-expanding battle with computer frustration, I switched to Mozilla’s Firebird Browser today. A few people (Jordon Cooper, Josh Lewis, etc.) said good things about it, so I figured I’d give it a shot. And it’s not IE.

For the past week Internet Explorer has decided to not load certain web sites. For no reason they show up as “This page could not be displayed.” It’s possible that google.com went down for an hour, maybe a day, but after a week I figured it was my problem. Pretty soon about 25% of the sites I visit wouldn’t load, and I decided enough is enough.

Every time I’ve tried to upgrade or reinstall IE it’s failed, so I decided it’s not even worth the time to try. I gave Firebird a shot, and I was up and browsing in less than 30 seconds. IE is no longer welcome here. Consider this yet another nail in the coffin of this PC user.

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