Return of the Hobbit Return of the Ring

You can now read my full-blown article on Return of the King, which posted today on

They did a pretty good editing job, though I liked my original title, Return of the Hobbit: Frodo Lives, better.

2 thoughts on “Return of the Hobbit”

  1. That was a nice article/review. It really summed up the movie well. *clap clap clap* I do have one question for you though, which maybe you can answer, maybe you can’t. Who is it exactly that is saying Gollum has schizophrenia? Was that you or is that the general consensus? The reason I ask is because I would have thought he had dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as MPD). Schizophrenics are usually classified as having delusions, hallucinations, emotional flatness and loss of motivation. The reason that dissociative identity disorder seems to work better in Gollum’s case is because it’s marked by two or more distinct personalities, each with its own name and traits, inside one person. However, schizophrenia would probably work in Gollum’s case too, because he was having dellusions and such.
    Eh. It’s not a big deal. I just finished a class in psychology and my final was on psychological disorders so they’re still floating about in my head. Got a curious mind.

  2. Sorry we changed the title on you, man! “Return of the Hobbit” made sense with the subtitle, but none of the past two LOTR article had subtitles — so that’s why we dropped “Frodo Lives!” and at that point, leaving the “Hobbit” in there didn’t make quite as much sense. So “Return of the Ring” it is. Thanks again for writing it — I look forward to seeing the movie myself sometime this week!

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