Judge a Book By Its Cover

Call me weird, but I share Jason Kottke’s fascination with book covers. Maybe it’s partly my desire for fame and fortune in the printed world that makes me yearn for the coolest book cover imaginable, but I like checking out cover design. Strolling through Barnes & Noble is an evening for me.

Kottke’s entry pointed out a few book cover review sites (why review the book when you can simply judge it by its cover?), including Mastication is Normal (a bit lengthy for casual reading), Readerville’s Most Coveted Covers (though they make you register for anything not current — lame!), and Rebecky (cool covers, no commentary).

Kottke continued with his fascination to design a book cover for another blogger who released a book collection of some of his writings, similar to something I pondered here and here.

Mmm… books.

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