Detroit: Urban Prairie

Of the 139 square miles that make up Detroit, one-third are covered in vacant lots and dilapidated buildings. In response, some residents are turning to farming. More than 40 community gardens and microfarms exist on 15 acres of what was once the Motor City.

The New York Times gives the full story (link via, and I’m amazed that the term urban farmer could ever be used seriously. What remains to be seen is if city officials will take note and encourage this eco-trend, or squash it for being too far removed from the norm.

2 thoughts on “Detroit: Urban Prairie”

  1. “Urban farmer” is pretty hilarious. Although, “urban cowboy” was probably what started us down this path to begin with. Just a thought.

  2. Great, we just need some green houses and water.
    So we can get all the veggies we need, How about cattle and lambs? That s a terrific idea, the homeless will get a job and then will be able to live in those empty building. I am curious about what the mayor of detroit would say about that.

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