Expensive Paperweight 2

It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving. It’s a two-day work week, since we’ll be traveling on Wednesday, and with all the preparations and things that need to be done, it’s pretty much a week written-off. At a time when I actually have enough work (or maybe just enough deadlines) to be semi-stressful, a week off isn’t what I need. At the same time, it so very much is what I need.

All morning while I folded laundry and cleaned things up I was thinking about the blog I wanted to write. I’m not even there yet, but this random outpouring shows you just how conflicted I am. I want to get some real work done, but I also want to kick back and enjoy a vacation. I want to write for myself, I want to finish up some fun projects that really don’t amount to anything. But I also should work on projects that do amount to something. But as the deadlines loom on the horizon and not up-close, it’s too easy to not amount to anything.

Today that’s compounded by my stupid computer. Right now Outlook Express won’t let me delete any e-mails. It tells me “The message could not be deleted.” and that’s it. Now I’m pretty bad at sorting through my e-mail and deleting the stuff I don’t need, but when you get over 70 spam a day, the delete feature is pretty important.

I don’t even want to think about visiting Microsoft’s “support” site and trying to troubleshoot the problem. What a joke.

What’s really annoying is that my computer won’t just die. Of course if my computer totally died that’d be a huge pain in the butt. I’d lose lots of information (that reminds me, I should really back some stuff up again) and be out a whole lot of money. However, I’d be forced to buy a new computer. And that would be sweet. (somehow I wonder why a financially impractical solution sounds so appealing)

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