The Blizzard of ’03

Weather people are stupid. On Friday the local news was having a field day about the enormous blizzard that was supposed to come down on the Twin Cities, rendering us immobile. Entire newscasts were consumed with the coming weather, including interviews with plough drivers and on location reports with snow-making machines demonstrating blizzard conditions.

Last night it began. We had a snowball fight.

This morning I woke up to maybe three inches on the ground. It’s still snowing, and they say we could up to six inches, but this is a joke. What blizzard? I can’t stand it when the news media gets fixated on something beyond all measure of sanity.

3 thoughts on “The Blizzard of ’03”

  1. The media, whether it be local, national or international, feels the need to sensationalize everything and make a story out of it. It’s probably symptomatic of the TV culture we live in, but yes, it’s very annoying.

  2. They also tend to get excited when we have a first real dumping of snow that’s likely to stick around for awhile. And to be fair, it has been really windy out so if we would have had a bit more snow it would have been terrible.

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