Well it ain’t gettin’ any safer.

I joined the fall retreat with my church’s youth group this weekend. Thanks to an uncooperative work schedule, Abby had to stay behind. But despite going bachelor style, I had fun. Here’s some highlights:

A mile-long trek through the woods in hopes of finding the general among 250 acres while playing Outpost (kind of a lame Capture the Flag). I did manage to spook a deer.

“Oh Faye, this corn is so scrumptious.” (a late night viewing of What About Bob)

Hanging 40 feet above the ground by a caribeener. The camp had a pretty involved high ropes course, and I gave it a shot. Since you’re wearing a harness and clipped in at all times, I wasn’t really afraid of falling. It was more the difficulty of the different elements and the fact that you’re 40 feet off the ground. I found climbing up the rickety ladder at the start, and then jumping off the platform for the zip line to be the scariest parts. At one point while standing on a steel wire I felt an incredible sense of peace. I could have stood there all day.

I’m going to blame it on the unseasonable mood swings the weather’s been taking, ranging from below freezing nights to 80 degree days, or maybe the fact that I forgot my jacket, but I just couldn’t stay warm with a normal amount of clothing. Except for the warmer afternoons, I spent most of the weekend wearing four layers: t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, sweater, hoodie. It really wasn’t that cold, I’m just weak. Or too skinny, or something. And last February I’d go out in just a t-shirt and hoodie.

Sitting on the dock of a tiny lake, the surrounding greens, yellows, browns, and sky blues reflected perfectly in the otherwise dark water, on a quiet, 70 degree Sunday afternoon doing absolutely nothing. Forget football or NASCAR, I could have sat there all day.

All in all, the trip reinforced my preference for Fall as my favorite season. It’s cold enough to wear comfy jeans and long sleeve shirts, but not yet frigid; the fabulous colors and crunch-crunch of the leaves, and the absence of bugs.

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