The view from here.

I have an all day computer class today, and it basically amounts to working a real schedule for a day. I had to get up with the alarm and leave before my wife even rolled out of bed.

I rode my bike into downtown St. Paul (17 minute trip, in case you’re counting) — which has to be one of the best commuting experiences — and arrived at the Science Museum in time to see the morning sun lighting up the Mississippi River and the turning leaves. Pretty nice.

During lunch I walked down to the river level and ate in the nature area between the river and the Science Museum. They’re still working on some water-front parks, but it’s still a nice little escape. I always thought Minneapolis had the best riverfront, and although St. Paul can’t touch St. Anthony Falls and the Stone Arch Bridge, it’s close.

The Science Museum also has a new National Park Visitor’s Center (where you can pick up a handy Trail Guide for the trails along the Mississippi River). In the lobby there’s a giant aerial photo of the Twin Cities. Very cool.

4 thoughts on “The view from here.”

  1. As a fellow bicycle commuter, albeit somewhat rarely, let me congratulate you. A bike is quite possibly the best way to get to work. Seventeen minutes is a good ride, mine’s significantly longer–though roughly equivalent time-wise to the bus ride.

    Also the new Science Mvsevm building is pretty cool. Haven’t been inside ever, but the way it sits there on the bluff looks cool.

  2. I love that area by the river near the Science Museum! Gosh it’s beautiful! If you walk toward the river then turn into the nearest section of houses, there’s this neat little park. I think I had lunch there with Neal once when we were in the area for the teacher’s conference. It was so peaceful…yet in the middle of the city. Cool and rare place.

    You’re making me miss the place!

  3. The ride home took about 20 minutes and, unfortunately, wasn’t quite as fun. I live northwest of downtown St. Paul, which means I headed up Marion street to cross I-94 — and I do mean up. That uphill stretch was a killer, and it didn’t help that most of the rest of the ride home is subtlely uphill.

    Let’s just say I’m more exhausted than I should be right now.

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