Evening, neighbor. Low on funds again?

Anybody want to trade me computers? Despite being sick, I spent most of this weekend fighting with my computer, trying to fix its addiction to crashing. It’s typical Windows, IE repeatedly and predictably crashing for no reason, the system locking up for no reason, bah — who needs it.

When the blue screen of death came up in the midst of a Mac vs. PC e-mail debate with a friend, I decided enough is enough. Of course I’m not rich like all those fancy people on the “switch” commercials, but if I had the cash, I’d buy a Mac. That’s right computer, your days are numbered.

So for now I’m limping along on a recovered system (one step shy of formatting my harddrive), hoping my problems don’t return. I’ve had one complete freeze so far, but the constant IE crashing has stopped–for now.

If my computer can hold up long enough I’ll be doing some e-Baying and see what I can do. Sadly, switching to a Mac is not cheap. While most of my peripherals will make the switch, my expensive (and mostly second hand) software won’t. Of course if I get an iMac I can make it dance.

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