Vote Quimby.

After my election day ranting yesterday, the results are in. For the city council race, Jay Benanav took 80% of the vote, and Denise Gulner took 12%. Both will advance for a showdown in the November election, though it doesn’t look like it will be much of a contest. I can’t help pointing out that Samuel Farley and Mark Roosevelt both had crappy web sites, and they received 3% and 5% of the vote respectively. Notice that Gulner and her semi-crappy web site only took 12% of the vote. The best web site out there took 80% of the vote, and I’m not surprised. You can go ahead and chalk it up to Benanav’s incumbent status and the fact that he’s a major player in St. Paul politics, but I’m going to credit the web site.

I’d also like to point out the campaign of Honey Hervey, running for city council member in Ward 1. Endorsed by the DFL, the United Auto Workers, Teamsters DRIVE, Building and Construction Trades Council, and the AFL-CIO, Hervey took home a whopping 8 votes. All those endorsements and so few votes. You’ve got to wonder who Honey’s friends voted for.

In the school board race, the results are just as interesting. Of the 12 candidates, eight will advance to the general election. And the poor four who didn’t make it? None of them had web sites. When looking at the run down, the four candidates who invested in web sites took first, second, fourth, seventh place. Not too shabby. With four spots open on the school board, I’m pulling for a 75% web site presence among the winners. Sadly though, of all the election web sites I looked at, only one was updated this morning to reflect the election results. It’s good to know that some people are aware of the value of a web site in politics.

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