You know, sometimes even I’d rather be watching football.

I’m really not a big football guy. I only watched the Vikings game yesterday because it was on and I was feeling lazy. I don’t really cheer for any team, so much as I hope for an entertaining game. And it looks like that’s how yesterday’s Lions game went as well, a neck and neck game until the Lions broke out and won by an 18 point margin. Of course I only gathered that from the one or two recaps and the scrolling score ticker Fox provided during the Vikings/Packers game. It seems like the Lions have only ever sucked during my lifetime, so it’s nice to see them win.

Football seems like such an overdone sport sometimes. It’s worked its way into the American consciousness, becoming a Sunday afternoon, couch-warming tradition as the days grow colder, right up to the million-dollar-a-minute party that is the Super Bowl. We put so much stock in this bunch of guys throwing a ball around, we get so worked up over our favorite team and our biggest rival. I just want to lie on the couch and doze.

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