I want some fried sugar!

Yesterday marked the first day of the great Minnesota get together, and we were there. The Minnesota State Fair is just one of those things you just have to do. Famous for massive crowds, farm animals, free stuff, bizarre promotions, and of course, food on a stick, the State Fair is just one of those odd events where you walk around all day picking up junk and consuming even more. Somehow I managed to avoid any food on a stick.

Here’s my picks for best of the Minnesota State Fair:

Best free item: Ford caribeener key-chain.
Best food combo: Mini-donuts and all-you-can-drink milk.
Best gross out food on a stick: Deep-fried Twinkies on a stick.
Best sign up to win contest: Minnesota Public Radio – $20,000 car of your choice.
Worst sign up to win contest: Ford – daily drawings (must be present) pit five winners against each other in a duck pond race. Daily winners are invited back on the last day of the fair for more duck-pond races. Champion duck pond racer wins a 2-year Ranger lease. Too much effort, not enough prize.
Best stupid promotion: Gold’n Plump Chicken – giant fiberglass chicken perched atop a delivery van, drawing attention to a booth holding a drawing for free chicken.
Most forgotten State Fair animal: Pigeon.
Best way to get there: MetroTransit bus – bus fare is way cheaper than parking, plus you get $2 off admission.

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