Fame was like a drug. But what was even more like a drug was the drugs

After my thoughts on family life this morning, I came across a few quotes from someone who could possibly be the extreme opposite of model parenting, Ozzy Osbourne. The Osbourne’s son Jack recently checked himself into a drug rehab center, which has caused Ozzy to reconsider a few things.

“I used to think they should legalize pot, but you know what? They should ban the lot,” he told MTV. “I’m 55 years old, and I didn’t get off scot-free. I have to take medication for the rest of my life because I’ve done so much neurological damage to my body.” Of course we knew that, but it’s good to hear Ozzy admit it.

“The mistake that Sharon and I both made, and we both agree on this, is we never set any boundaries,” Osbourne told MTV in another interview. “We never said, ‘You must be in the house by a certain time.’ We just let them have the freedom. Sharon and I are still learning. We’re not the parents that say, ‘We’re always right,’ because we’re not.”

“One thing I noticed is that he never cried,” Osbourne said. “He never showed. He just locked it in, you know. I think what families should do more often is have family meetings and talk: get around the table and say, ‘What’s up? How you doing?’ Every day I say to my family, ‘I love you,’ you know. And I do love my family. People forget to say ‘I love you. I care for you. Are you OK? Is there anything you need?'”

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