With $10,000, we’d be millionaires!

Cafepress.com now makes books. Why order a basement full of books no one wants to buy anyway when you can self publish your book one at a time? Well, cost is probably the biggest modivator, as is the case with all things Cafepress, but who wants to hassle with shipping, storage, and fulfillment? Can’t someone else do it? And that’s where you pay.

I find the idea pretty intriguing. Anyone interested in forking over $20 for a handsome, bound version of ReAL Thoughts? Complete with photos by yours truly? Complete with a running commentary of why I said or did stupid things? With outdated material and links that don’t transfer to print removed (how convenient!)? I’ll even throw in a layman’s guide to explain what the heck I was talking about on those really convuluted days. Any interest in something like that? Just picking my unemployed brain for ways I can make money by staying home and potty training my dog.

How about a collection of embarrasing things I wrote in high school? Complete with the thrilling dating advice column “Dating Tips for the Truly Romantic Gentlemen” by none other than Joe Gentlemen (he’s a friend of mine)? Complete with my thrilling high school column “The Unnamed Column”? How about I throw in my archive of “Pointless Quotes” from the Table Tent in college? Any takers? Oh nevermind.

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