Close with a Matrix

I watched the original Matrix this weekend and then plunked down my cash for Reloaded. It wasn’t the mind-blowing experience of the first one (how could it be?), but it is full of freaky plot twists and lots of computer animated kung-fu.

Frankly, I found myself yawning at Neo’s fight scenes. The guy can bend the rules of physics to his liking, so how can he lose? It’s just an excuse to show off some cool effects, and they weren’t that cool. You can only kick a guy in the head so many ways. Watching him deal with his Messiah complex was much more interesting.

I also enjoyed Morpheus’ line that his beliefs don’t require others to believe in them for them still to be true. Seemed very applicable to Christianity, though we often don’t realize it.

I’ll be in line to see the third movie, but the Matrix universe is beginning to lose some of its luster. And it doesn’t help that every movie franchise is blossoming at the same time: Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, X-Men. As cool as mythic tales are, you can only take so many alternate worlds with their own hero.

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