I expect this kind of language at Denny’s

“The worst, for some reason, are Visible Christians-like the ten-person table, all jolly and sanctified after Sunday night service, who run me mercilessly and then leave me $1 on a $92 bill. Or the guy with the crucifixion T-shirt (someone to look up to) who complains that his baked potato is too hard and his iced tea too icy (I cheerfully fix both) and leaves no tip at all. As a general rule, people wearing crosses or WWJD? (“What Would Jesus Do?”) buttons look at us disapprovingly no matter what we do, as if they were confusing waitressing with Mary Magdalene’s original profession.”
(Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich, page 36. I originally noticed this quote on jordancooper.com, which encouraged me to take the book of my shelf and read it, and I came across the quote on my own today.)

If this is how Christians are seen, I’d rather be an Invisible Christian.

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