We don’t have a prayer

“One of the arguments I keep hearing from those who know that their church and pastoral ministry is at odds with what they say Jesus is calling me to is that they say, their church will fire them and they have obligations to their families. I think back to Christ’s call to leave our families behind which is really saying that we need to trust God to provide for us. I think the issue is that we trust the church or denomination to take care of us instead of Jesus.” (from JordonCooper.com)

Sometimes I wonder if Christianity has become too focused on the family. Is that even possible? But Jesus did call us to leave our families behind. How do we reconcile that with the modern notion of undying devotion to the family? Everyone makes a big point of God first, family second, work third, etc. But does God really want to be first? Or does he want it all? If God is first, he negates second, third, fourth and on down the line until he claims every part of your being. Maybe that’s what following God is really about. So much for the noble calling of I need to look out for my family.

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