I think I’ll order a Tab.

I so often feel like an inadequate blogger. I’m not really a blogger. I started long before the blogger trend started, so I’m more my own thing. It’s just an easy label to give to what I do. But blogging can have a pretty loose definition, so I can weasel my way in there. I feel inadequate because I don’t have all the cool features other blogs do. I’m contemplated adding them for a while, and I’m struggling to figure out the best way to do it. Part of me likes the DIY feel of this blog. I code it myself (using Dreamweaver), rather than relying on some ready-made publishing program like Blogger. I actually tried that for a while, but I didn’t like the lack of freedom. But I do wish I had some of the niceties. I wish people reading this could post comments. It could create some nice dialogue, though it could also end up just being my mother asking what the heck I’m rambling about. Part of me feels like if I just had the right software or the right plug-in, or the right computer knowledge I’d be able to make this thing that much cooler and I’d update it more often and people wouldn’t have to stop by for a visit and wonder why the heck I haven’t written anything in over a week. Feelings of inadequacy. Maybe that means I’m pushing myself forward. Maybe it means I want something that just isn’t going to happen.

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