“Type control-backslash-semicolon-alt-dot-escape and you’ll be fine.”

I’ve been disconnected from the Internet since Friday evening. You’d think this wouldn’t be a traumatic experience, but you’d be wrong. Not having the ability to look up useless information or even use something as simple as e-mail had a jarring effect on my psyche. You’d think being connected to the information super-highway for eight hours of my day would be enough, but it’s not. There this crazy need inside me to be connected as long as I’m awake, to send e-mails, to look up info, to send inane digital reminders to myself to and from work to make sure I don’t forget something.

Yes, I have heard of a post-it note. But no, it’s not the same. My name is Kevin Hendricks, and I’m an Internet addict.

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