From atu2.com: “It looks like there may be another U2 tribute/covers album in production. The official website of the U.K.-based Christian band Delirious? mentions the project, and that Delirious (a band which often gets compared to U2) recently recorded its version of “Pride” for the album. They also report that P.O.D.’s cover of “Bullet the Blue Sky” will be part of the project.” Could there be a CCM U2 cover album in the works?! That could be interesting, given the love/ignore relationship in the Christian market for U2.

Not that U2 cover songs are ever any good. Though I can imagine a few songs that could be included:

dc Talk – “40” – from Solo
Guardian – “Pride” from Live (oh wait, we already have that one!)
Circadian Rhythm – “Gloria” – from Over Under Everything
Caedmon’s Call – “In God’s Country” – from Guild Collection Vol. 2
Newsboys – “Running to a Stand Still” – from live performances
Tree63 – “Pride” – from live performances (oh wait, don’t we have this one?)
Third Day – medley of “Give/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/With or Without You/Your Love Oh Lord” – from Offerings II (admittedly cheating since it only includes one line from “With or Without You”)
Michael W. Smith – “40” – from the Worship DVD (wait, another repeat!)
Sandtown – “Pride” – from Based On a True Story (yes, that’s the third time we’ve seen “Pride”)
Darlene Zschech – “Walk On” (hear a sample) – from Kiss of Heaven

And then there’s the U2 songs I’d like to see covered by Christian bands (though I realize this may be sacrilige to some of you):

Five Iron Frenzy – “Exit” / “Wake Up Dead Man”
Jars of Clay – “Sunday Bloody Sunday”
Justin McRoberts – “All I Want Is You”
Switchfoot – “Bad”
Relient K – “Out of Control”
Sixpence None the Richer – “Please” / “Where the Streets Have No Name”
Superchick – “I Will Follow”

Okay, that’s enough. What U2 songs would you like to see Christian bands cover?

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  1. Hey there! I randomly stumbled across this post during a Google search. I’ve often thought the same question, and when In the Name of Love came out, I made a list myself of bands/U2 songs I would like to see on a second such project. My list included:

    Steven Curtis Chapman – I Still Haven’t Found
    Skillet – Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
    Downhere – In God’s Country
    Project 86 – The Fly
    Rebecca St. James – Discotheque
    Brave Saint Saturn – Wake Up Dead Man
    Tree 63 – Silver and Gold (the South Africa connection)
    Benjamin Gate (RIP) – Even Better Than The Real Thing
    Third Day – Heartland

    I really liked a number of your suggestions, particularly Switchfoot doing “Bad,” Superchick “I Will Follow,” and SNtR “Please.” Maybe we can start writing these bands and petitioning them to do an AUfA 2, eh? I’ll keep reading your blog. Check mine out at derekbturner.blogspot.com.

    Derek out.

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