Detroit Red Wings vs. Minnesota Wild.

Xcel Energy Arena. Section 124, Row 4, Seat 7.

Wow. You can’t imagine how hard hits in the NHL are until you hear a guy smashed into the boards six feet in front of you. Best seats ever. Too bad the game didn’t match. The 4-0 shut out by the Wild was painful. The first goal came 21 seconds into the first period. I should have know things would go bad. Goal #2 came in the second period, it was a nice play. Goal #3 was an empty netter, and goal #4 was a penalty giveaway.

What a lame way to loose. I was really hoping I could jump out of my seat and scream, just once, even if we lost. It would have been fun. The Wings and Wild rematch on Tuesday, and I’ll be sure to watch the outcome of that one.

Manny Legace standing around. A lot.
That series is all the shots I had of Red Wings’ second string goalie, Manny Legace. No offense to Manny, but his stance isn’t exactly reassuring. He stands like that until the puck is well across the blue line. Yikes.

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