Life Kicks You in the Butt

Life tends to sneak up behind you and kick you in the butt when you’re not paying attention. My wife’s youngest sister announced her engagement this past week. I’m used to people my own age getting married, but I’m not accustomed to hearing plans for holy matrimony from people younger than me. I’ve also heard pregnancy announcements from two friends a few years older than me. No big deal, that’s to be expected. But last week one of my college roommates and his wife announced that they’re expecting a baby.

Just when you’re too busy with weekend commitments, overtime at work, bills to pay and supper to make, life happens. Sometimes I feel like I get too wrapped up in the details, like the fact that I need to take the car in for an oil change on Thursday and I should really look into consolidating some school loans, and don’t we need to go grocery shopping — the next thing you know I’ve lost sight of what’s really important.

Or I’m just getting old, however you want to look at it. Which must be really depressing for anyone older than 23 who’s reading this, and probably really funny for anyone under 23.

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