It’s the End of the World…

Today I read an article about the world coming to an end. Well, not really. At least an article talking about environmental gloom and doom. It basically said if the entire world consumed the volume of natural resources as the average American than we’d need to colonize two planets to be able to sustain that sort of lifestyle.


That’s what part of me says. The other part says that scientists have been predicting an apocalyptic environmental future since the 1970s. Of course this article was using 1970 as a baseline, and judged environmental decline since then. To be blunt, we ain’t doin’ so hot. But then again it seems like we should know that. There’s so many people in the world, and there’s only so many square miles of earth. And there’s only so many square miles of hospitable earth. It only makes sense that if population growth continues, eventually the number of people will out-pace the number of square miles, and eventually the number of acres, and if it really got out of hand, the number of square feet. Then we’d really be in a pickle.

It just seems like we could be smart and be a little more conscious of the resources we use. But I suppose that’s not the American way.

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