Lost in the Music

The April snow fell all day long, turning to a fine drizzle by the time the bars closed. All the while I was lost in exceptional music, nodding my head and tapping my foot, letting my mind drift to thoughts of a 16 year old girl who thinks she’s wiser than her years, a couple that’s not officially a couple but blessed with a child, a girl who cries for help but all people can seem to do is nod and smile. I thought of the man who asked for a fucking quarter, and how I shrugged my shoulders and kept walking, thinking that I didn’t have a quarter, and even if I did, it was just a plain quarter–not a fucking quarter. I thought about grace and mercy wearing flesh, and what that means to the man on the street, to the woman bringing my Coke, to the pretentious college student that used to be me, except I’m not a college student anymore. I love getting lost in music. If you can truly slip away and forget where you are it’s worth more than the price of admission.

Introspective thoughts courtesy of Trace.

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