Why Do Christians

Why is it that Christians are expected to like everything labeled “Christian”? I get so frustrated when a new CD releases or a movie comes to theaters and it’s supposed to be dripping with Christian values and Christians are expected to be beside themselves with praise. That’s so shallow, so dimwitted, so dishonest. I’ve seen so many poor Christian movies and read some lame books and listened to some music that really shouldn’t have been made. Yet we’re expected to like it, just because it supposedly honors God.

You know, they say do all things to the glory of God, and sometimes I think you can do anything to the glory of God. All that matters is your effort and your heart, if those are in the right place then God is glorified, right? Sometimes I question that logic. If the plot sucks and the dialogue is forced is God really glorified? Maybe he is, and maybe he isn’t. But can’t a sucky plot be compared to a string of obscenities? Neither really glorifies God. Yet somehow the sucky plot gets off easy, and Christians rally around it. The obscenity laced movie, no matter how good and moral it may be, is picketed.

Why do Christians so easily damn some actions and so easily ignore others? And why are the actions they damn always in others and the actions they ignore always in themselves?

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