MTV is One Big Commercial

I think MTV is really just one big commercial. It seems like the entire network exists to sell stuff. Maybe that’s a little naive. Don’t all TV networks exist to sell stuff? Well, first they want to make money, but they do that by selling ads, which is selling stuff. It just seems like MTV is so not subtle about it. An hour-long special about Lord of the Rings. Translation: Go spend money on the movie. TRL, every day. Translation: Go buy the albums that everybody else likes because we’ve played the song so much it’s stuck in your head. If you ever want to see how out of touch with society Christians are, go read a Christian magazine for teens (any will do, they’re all pretty much the same), and then watch MTV. Now the oozing sex is the first obvious difference, and I’m not saying Campus Life needs more skanky cover shots of Gwen Stefani’s chest. I’m just saying you’ll notice a major difference in the savyness of Campus Life vs. MTV. The battle’s already over on that one. Too bad, it appears Stefani’s chest wins.

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