Who Holds Your Freedom?

It was only a matter of time. We all knew it was coming. The sad thing is I’m talking about the U.S. attacks on Afghanistan today, and I could also be talking about the next terrorist attack on the U.S. It’s a crazy world we live in.

Bin Laden claims it’s a war of Christians versus Muslims. I wish he knew how wrong he was. He sees this as a great Christian nation of infidels, trying to overthrow the Muslims. If only he knew that the golden arches were the sacred symbol of America, and not the cross. If only he’d watch prime time TV, he’d know this is not a Christian nation.

But he can’t really be that stupid, can he? Or is it deeper than that? Is it a war against freedom? Does he simply want power and sees our democracy and our religious freedom as an impediment to his power? Maybe the guy’s just whacked.

This certainly isn’t a perfect nation. We stole the land from people who were here first, people who understood the land and treated it with respect. But we did rise up against oppressors at one time, we did fight for a noble cause and won our liberty. That certainly means something. It seems that again we must rise up against oppressors and defend our freedom. Unfortunately this time the oppressors are almost unseen, and they hide among us. Who knows how it will all come out. Nation will rise against nation, blood will be shed, and God will wring his hands and sob.

Who holds your freedom? Who holds your liberty?
Who holds you freedom? Who holds you liberty?

It cannot mean to serve ourselves / That doesn’t mean a thing / It doesn’t mean to give the license / to seek ourselves in anything. / That would be slavery to ourselves, / It isn’t free / Jesus Christ, the only thing that freedom means to me.
(Five Iron Frenzy – ‘Anthem’)

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