BGEA Sept. 11 Commercial

Last week the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association aired a commercial on network TV (you can watch it here). I don’t remember another time when a religious organization has advertised on network TV. I’ve seen a few commercials for local churches on local TV, and we’ve all see the Mormon commercials–but none of those have been on network TV. This was a first. It was also extremely timely. Three years ago the BGEA tried to run these commercials, and all the networks rejected them. This time around, the networks were eager to run the commercials.

That’s the basic story. Now I have a lot of questions. There’s been an extremely mixed response to the commercial. Some people think it’s great. Some people think it’s horrible. So what is an appropriate commercial for Christians to put on network TV? Should it lay out the gospel message in 30 seconds? Should it just point people toward more resources? Should it simply plant an idea in people’s heads?

So many concepts. And no one will ever agree.

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